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Creating an RPA CoE is vital for successful automation execution

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Technological innovation is a healthy, natural, and entirely expected part of running a company. Adopting and implementing disruptive technology improves processes and provides the tools to grow and stay ahead of the game. However, your new tech is pointless unless it’s competently and rapidly implemented by your staff and without […]


Sony PlayStation 5 Might Be Out Sooner Than Expected

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John Kodera, Sony CEO, is adamant that PlayStation 5 will only be launched in 2021, however experts in the games industry are almost certain that the company is hatching a secret plan to launch the console much earlier. According to T3 tech news website, we might even see the new […]


Ariel Napchi on the Future of Television

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Right now, roughly 99% of Americans have televisions within their households. Of this 99%, some 56% of Americans have cable television. These percentages equate to about 115 million Americans with a television and about 64 million of them who have cable. However, as we move towards a more streaming based […]