Look, we’re like you. We’ve read enough articles about exercise and morning rituals and how carefully messing up our desks will help those creative ideas flow. No more, we say. No more. Here we’ve cobbled together some unconventional tips for creativity. Some of them we can vouch for, some of them we can’t, but they all kind of sound like a good time.

Drink too much coffee
Really just like pound a lot of coffee. Even if you already pound a lot of coffee, pound more. Kick your brain into insane overdrive, surround yourself with writing materials, instruments, an easel, whatever you need to create, and see where your hyperactive brain takes you. And then have a nap because boy are you ever going to crash.

Drink too much wine
Not way too much, or anything, just enough to loosen up. Enough to stop thinking so much about how you need to start writing or sculpting or composing and to just start doing it. Even if you wake up the next morning, take two Tylenol, and decide that 90% of what you did needs to be trashed, you still have 10% more than you did when you busted into the pinot, and you’ve probably got some, um, extremely creative ideas that you can bring up the next time you’re sharing anecdotes with your creative friends. Victory!

Scribble across the top of your page
Everyone always talks so much about how daunting the blank page is. So we’re kind of wondering why everyone just lets it be blank. Draw a picture of your cat, sign your name backwards, write the alphabet with your wrong hand. Whatever. Just mess up your page. That should help take the pressure off of getting started.

Opt for the window seat
And put down your phone. Look around at the world. People-watch, eavesdrop on their conversations, notice the way leaves are falling from a tree, take note of how a brick wall can look like it would turn to dust under your fingertips from far away but up close still looks formidable. The whole world is out there to inspire you, but you have to give it a chance.

Turn out the lights
This is sort of the opposite of the last tip we gave, but when not in Rome, don’t worry about going out and seeing the sights, right? Something like that? Sit in the dark with nothing to do and no distractions, just you and your brain, and see what comes out. You might surprise yourself. You also might terrify yourself, but that might end up being worth something as well. You never know.


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