From Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament to Tower Bridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral, London has some of the finest old buildings in the world. Millions and millions of visitors make their way to the city each year looking to soak in the culture and snap a selfie or two with these iconic buildings.

Old buildings aren’t everybody’s cup of tea though, and the thought of staring at yet another old church is more than enough to send shudders through the body. If you’re not into the past, don’t worry. London also happens to be home to a whole heap of interesting features.

Entertaining the masses

What’s your poison? Film? Theatre? Live music? Live sport? London has all of this and much more. The West End serves up the best theater this side of Broadway. Leicester Square is home to world premiere-hosting cinemas. The city is doused with live music venues, welcoming bands and performers from across the globe. Soccer is massive, with plenty of stadiums to choose from.

There’s even some famous tennis club down south. Entertainment flows freely through London’s streets, and there really is something for everyone. You don’t even need to know where to look. Take a few turns here or there and you’re bound to discover something intriguing and enjoyable.


Filling the streets

London’s streets are never empty but on certain weekends you’ll find yourself huddled up close to a stranger as colorful floats, excited children, and onlookers express themselves. Sound like a nightmare? You might want to avoid the likes of Notting Hill Carnival (August), London Pride (summer), the London to Brighton Bike Ride (September), and the London Marathon (April).

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But if you’re up for a good time, all of these events (and many more) bring a whole lot of fun and atmosphere to the streets of London, and will certainly lead to at least one unforgettable memory.

Food to die for

England generally gets a bad rap for food but in a city that houses restaurants serving just about any type of cuisine you can think, you’re not about to go hungry. Thousands of restaurants are falling over themselves to get your business, but if you’re looking for something on the fly, take in some street food at Borough Market or Camden Market.

And now for something a little different

If you’re really on the hunt for something out of the ordinary, take the time to step into London’s mysterious past. Retrace the footsteps of Jack the Ripper; take a tour of the most haunted theater in the world; learn about the ‘Winchester Geese’ at the Cross Bones burial site; or simply head on down into the underground after dark. There have been more than a few ghosts spotted below ground.

With all of this (and much more) on offer, still think there’s nothing more to London than just a load of old buildings?

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