What’s in a name? If you’re the owner of a yacht, there’s a lot. The Volvo Ocean Race yachts may have understated names like Ericsson 4 and NZ Endeavour, but the Volvo Ocean Race is serious sailing for serious sailors. Many yacht owners instead go out of their way to choose a clever, sometimes funny, sometimes entertaining name for their boat. Here we will take a look at some of the names that have tickled our fancy when we first came across them.

1.    The Codfather: You’ve heard of the Godfather, and now there’s a new boss in town: the Codfather, where catching cod is the name of the game! Let’s hope he doesn’t sleep with the fishes.

2.    Aqua Holic: This yacht owner seems to have a hard time putting down the water.

3.    Aboat Time: If you think it’s time to choose a clever yacht name, it’s Aboat Time!

4.    Cirrhosis of the River: Well, at least this time the liver is getting a break, but this yacht name really gave us a nice little chuckle.

5.    Marlin Monroe: Marlin Monroe is a yacht operating out of Port Aranas, Texas. We bet this yacht owner fancied Marilyn at one time, or perhaps he’s just really into mermaids.

6.    Eggs-ta-Sea: No comment.

7.    Amy’s Wine House: Is the owner named Amy? Do they have a penchant for liquor, or just hold a candle for a certain recording artist?

8.    Afrayed Knot: Afrayed Knot isn’t scared to let the world know that they’re ropemanship isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

9.    Oar-Gas-Um: Um, we think that you know what was on this guy’s mind when he named this yacht. Is it really the best way to entice women onto your boat though? At least he has an oar pun in there.

10.    Hooter Patrol IV: OK, that’s worse.

These are just 10 of kind of clever, kind of ridiculous names for a yacht out there. We bet if you spent a little bit of time searching the ‘net you could find 1,000 more great names that will make you wonder if the skipper was a few pennies short of a pound when they decided to name their prized possession.
If you’re planning to purchase a yacht in the near future, take some time to think about what you plan to name it. Let your imagination soar, but remember the name you choose for your yacht says more about you than you might think.


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